Wendy Christensen, please contact me with an email address!

My method for the giveaway was: I collected the names of people who commented, liked or followed since I announced the drawing. I placed all the names into a numbered list in the order that I found them in my notifications (which means the list is not ran domized, but it might as well be). There were twenty-nine names, so I asked the algorithm at random.org to pick a number between 1 and 29. It chose 16. I have an image file of the names and the result page from random.org. It’s cumbersome to post, but I’ve saved it in case anybody’s curious about how it went.

Random.org chose number 16, who is Wendy Christensen. But I don’t have an email address for you, Wendy! I’ll give you three days — until midnight Pacific time, Monday October 27: after that I’ll run a new number from random.org.

As for what I’m doing tonight: I’m visiting Southern California with my daughter and son-in-law. We’re having a wonderful time. It’s just different enough from our Central Coast home to give us the right amount of culture shock, and the landscape is of course gorgeous.


Tomorrow’s the day!

You have one more day to sign up for the drawing for a free copy of my book Outside! Just go to the post where I announced it, right here, and leave a comment with a way to contact you. I’ll be on the road tomorrow so I’ll probably do it late in the day.

Other upcoming dates: the anthology Missed Connections, edited by the redoubtable Tanni-Fan, which has my story “Rab+Rob 4 Evar,” is coming out November 11, and is available for pre-order now. And my multiple-universes science fiction novella, A and A Salvage, is also available for pre-order and is coming out December 9.

These three stories are really quite different one from another. Outside is about a science lab administrator on a deep space station who takes great effort to ensure that his friends have a good time and learns that he needs to make even a greater effort: “Rab+Rob” is about an environmental sciences student who discovers his memory is even worse than he thought it was: and A and A Salvage is about a pair of lesbian mechanics who figure out that the origin of a mysterious car also gives them dangerous knowledge about the fate of old friends (I have more to say about the world of Outside and also more to say about the adventures of Elisabeth and Melissa from A and A Salvage, but those stories are not written yet).

Also, more details about this later, but I have sold another piece, a story about a fellow whose parents emigrated because they were told their child would marry a tree…

Would you like a free ebook? How about mine?

Happy Autumnal Equinox everybody! In my Mediterranean climate, that means we have some hoOutside coverpe for luscious rain and green hills in a couple of months. (I suppose it’s Vernal if you live in the southern hemisphere, though. If you do, happy Spring to you)

I enjoy the softer air and the promising clouds and the pretty autumn light, but I must admit that the shorter days knock me off my procrastinating butt. Speaking of time . . . it’s been almost two weeks since Outside came out, and I think it’s high time for me to give away a copy of it to a deserving commenter!

I have a free copy of Outside¬†to give away. I’m going to send it to one person who comments on this post before October 21 (you have a whole month!) I’m going to do this in the simplest way. Replies will be assigned a number in chronological order and I’ll use random.org¬†to pick the number of the winner. Just make sure your comment includes a way to get hold of you if you win!