Long time gone

I just realize it’s been two years since last I posted! Welp, there’s been a lot of activity in those two years, but not a lot of publishing.

The first year was taken up with my dog dying and three surgeries–two total knee replacements and a carpal tunnel release. Also, I got a puppy in between the two knee surgeries because a person who is rehabbing from knee surgeries needs a lot of exercise.

The second year was taken up with some more surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation–I fetched up with an aggressive breast cancer, already on the move, but really tiny and it had only gotten as far as one lymph node. I remember when “it’s in a lymph node” was a death sentence, but it is no longer. It’s too early by years to say I am “cured,” but my oncology team fully expects to say that some day. This month I start on a hormone blocker I will stay on for five or ten years depending on what the current research indicates, and I may also start on anotherĀ  drug depending on whether I get assigned to the experimental or the control group.

So as you can see my profession for the last two years has been mainly “patient,” but I have been writing. I finished the draft of the great big novel, but I haven’t been in a place to do the final edits before submission. I’ve written a handful of stories and made healthy starts on some novellas. I can’t tell you how destructive illness is to the part of the brain that makes stories and finishes projects. Anyway, I’ve several stories in submission now and I’m ready to blog about my writing again.

Looking forward to sharing my progress with you!