Lucy Kemnitzer

Bio: I write stories and I want to share them with you. What do you want to know about me? I am a an old "red diaper baby" with grown children and a memory of the nice fellow who had them with me. I've been a factory worker, a teacher, and a member of the lumpen intelligentsia. I live quietly in a lush dry climate and, as I said already, I write stories. I write science fiction and fantasy stories and novels. Sometimes I also write contemporary friendship romances of the lighter sort. My stories are about decent, imperfect people, trying to do the right thing in difficult circumstances while generally lacking the best equipment. Sometimes that's pretty dramatic, sometimes it's just kind of funny. Or both. I like to write about culture clash and crossed wires. My imagination might take me out among the stars or it might take me down the street. I hope you'll like peeking into the worlds where my stories go. My photo was taken in Berlin, at the public park dedicated to Bertolt Brecht. The words are from his magnificent poem "To Posterity."

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