Would you like a free ebook? How about mine?

Happy Autumnal Equinox everybody! In my Mediterranean climate, that means we have some hoOutside coverpe for luscious rain and green hills in a couple of months. (I suppose it’s Vernal if you live in the southern hemisphere, though. If you do, happy Spring to you)

I enjoy the softer air and the promising clouds and the pretty autumn light, but I must admit that the shorter days knock me off my procrastinating butt. Speaking of time . . . it’s been almost two weeks since Outside came out, and I think it’s high time for me to give away a copy of it to a deserving commenter!

I have a free copy of Outside to give away. I’m going to send it to one person who comments on this post before October 21 (you have a whole month!) I’m going to do this in the simplest way. Replies will be assigned a number in chronological order and I’ll use random.org to pick the number of the winner. Just make sure your comment includes a way to get hold of you if you win!


12 thoughts on “Would you like a free ebook? How about mine?

  1. Since I haven’t got around to buying my own copy get, I’d love a copy, if the random numbers fell that way.

    I also love autumn. In Minneapolis, it’s my favorite season of the year.


  2. Looks like an interesting book! Please include me in the giveaway.

    My favorite part of Autumn is when the leaves change color. It’s so beautiful. The cooler temperatures are nice too.


  3. I love the autumn weather too! It’s my favorite time of year to bundle up and chill with a cup of coffee on a bench outside.I would love to have a copy of the book. I hope it is like
    “The Raw and the Cooked”. That was my favorite story. Contact me with my email!


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  5. I would love to win a copy! And autumn isn’t my favourite season but I do enjoy the slide into sweater weather and the smell of fall is one of my favourites.


  6. Hi! It would be super cool to win your new book, because I am a huge fan who re-reads your stuff often because there is never enough new stuff from you. Also, please finish the 3 that are not complete, they are haunting me. And a certain sequel you promised. You were one of my very first favorites when I started reading this genre 2 years ago, and you still are.


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